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VBS with Solid Bible Teaching!


Liguori VBS - Barnyard Roundup!

Liguori has the VBS solution for all your needs!

The pastoral setting lends itself perfectly to Jesus’ teaching style.

Starter Kit

We’ve packed everything you need to plan your 2016 VBS inside our all-inclusive Barnyard Roundup Starter Kit. Suggestions for a 1-day or weekend format are included.

Starter Kit

Sowing Seeds of Praise

“I like that the theme is centered around Christ and His grace. There is depth there that most programs dust over by big productions . . .”
Rachel, Windfall, IN

“When I saw the Barnyard Roundup theme and the Starter Kit on your website, I thought it would be a lot easier to set up and use than other VBS programs. And because your VBS is Catholic, it was easy for me to decide. I’ve already ordered my kit!”
Georgette, Rayne, LA

“When I gave the information to the leaders it made everyone smile because they didn't have to come up with ideas out of thin air.”
Deborah, Napoleon, OH

“The materials make it so that leaders can easily step into a role and perform their task.”
Katie, Otsego, MN

“I liked the easy-to-follow themes that go well with the Bible point and are easy to decorate.”
Coby, Niles, IL